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The Prestige Package includes a full analysis on our clients social media standing, SEO appearance, potential problems with the website that is currently running, diagnostics scan, optimisation, copy analysis and many more complex ways of analysis that will determine what really needs changing and what will increase conversions or leads to the business. Also included in the package is a full month of Social Media Marketing to create a large standing in the local area or in the businesses niche online that can prove to be a significant increase in income after just a short period of time depending on the sector. And finally a fully optimised website that can convert a bigger percentage of visitors to take action and become a real paying customer than looking at the website and leaving a few seconds after.  

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The Prestige Package

With The Prestige Package our clients see a substantially bigger amount of real customers weather it is in person coming into their building or online from eCommerce, The Imperial Team uses professional strategies to find new angles, email sequences, social media marketing that converts creating geometric and natural growth over time etc. The team leverages social media in our clients favour and have said themselves that it wasn't like anything they imagined was possible for a small investment. 

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The Prestige Package

The All Inclusive Prestige Package is all a business needs to fast track their way past the competition in the sector they are competing in.

Having a social presence is a way of standing out from the general crowd of businesses our clients find themselves in, working with Imperial you can rest assured that everything from the website to marketing will be taken care of catered expertly to your needs and expectations.

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What To Expect

To answer this question first we have to start with what our clients achieved by working with us.

Our long list of clients have experienced less amount of hours stressing about what to write, say, send, market, strategies, learning all the expert level advertising that simply cannot be learnt over night which shows how tedious it can be to even start appearing on the internet not to mention all the other small things that are needed for a website to be optimised and ready to go, on the other hand we work with our clients in a way giving many options and courses of action to choose from and always acknowledging there vision and goals.

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Prestige Advertising

There are around 166 million daily active users and around 301 million monthly active users who spend between 25 and 30 minutes on the platform each day which means leveraging social media to most businesses advantage shows that there is a significant amount of traffic that can be directed to your business for drastically lower prices than any other option out there in this day and age, it is time to finally leave the old way of advertising and switch to the new and improved version that drives more ROI than ever before.

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The Prestige Package

Free unlimited revisions and maintenance are included as a standard feature as well as a direct line to the manager of The Imperial Team for any requests, new ideas, thoughts and feedback.

We guarantee all projects finished no matter the circumstance and a life time support if there were to be a long lasting partnership.  

The Prestige Experience

We normally work with our clients for three months unless they would like to extend our partnership, typical time for a website to be finished is around 1-2 weeks and all the other features the package brings last three months to ensure real and sustainable results. 

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