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Specially developed for those in search of a unique and professional service created by an Elite Team.

The Premium Package

The Premium Package presents a tailored and fully optimised website exclusively for the luxury sector, included in the package come a team of specialists on social media that will grow and manage your social presence generating more free traffic for one whole month.

As well as a professionally created email sequence where potential clients will be sent to your sales team or will be converted on the spot at a high rate.  

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The Premium Service comes with a wide range of tools and strategies that The Imperial Team will not only implement but teach clients what to do better and give personalised ways on improve our clients business as a whole if so chosen to remain working with us and using the service that will do most of the tedious tasks for the internet side of the business.

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On average a website gets around a 2.35% conversion rate which is substantially lower than what The Imperial Team can deliver, on average we deliver a store fully optimised with 5-8% conversion rate which is not the case with all websites but with most of them. From social media on average the team can generage a solid 1-2% conversion rate for free due to organic growth and traffic as well as the biggest driving factor to any businesses is email marketing which our base line conversion rate tends to be 8-10% which is very high knowing that the 10% of businesses out there tend to get 11-15% conversions rates, but of course this all depends on the Product,Sector and Service good news is that our team will calculate the highest conversion rates in your industry and will do their best at getting to the desired goal.

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We work through a bespoke process from the start to the end of your project, ensuring 100% satisfaction. Our experience spans a wide range of industry sectors, with clients based all around the world – from United Kingdom to Tokyo Japan.

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Every website we develop works seamlessly mobile & tablets, ensuring phenomenal mobile performance utilising responsive web design via wordpress. This establishes an optional viewing experience across all devices, fully engaging both desktop and mobile users.

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We offer industry-leading, enterprise standard e-commerce systems as part of our website services. Our e-commerce websites are fully bespoke, adapted to work seamlessly with your business model – whether it be drop shipping, virtual products, or international sales: We specialise in scalable e-commerce sites that are easy for our clients to update, with user-friendly product management, integration with a range of payment systems, and a fully secure customer shopping experience.

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Not only do we provide value to our clients by growing and fixing their flaws on the website, marketing and social media to maximise results we also provide the correct tools, strategies and a master plan to follow and have a deeper understanding on what works and dose not work from experience.

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